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Over the years TrialPrep, LLC has been extremely successful in building outstanding relationships with our clients. Below are some of the comments they have expressed about our witness deposition preparation software.

Expert Witness Deposition Preparation Testimonials
As the managing partner of a Chicago headquartered insurance-defense law firm I found that Depo© cut my trial preparation time in half. Depo© not only is great for trial preparation but a great tool for preparing statements of undisputed material fact in support of motions for summary judgment. We can't say enough about the usefulness of this addition to our arsenal of technological tools and I hope none of my adversaries reads this recommendation!"
William Stone, Stone & Johnson / Chicago, IL
I am very impressed with Depo©. After taking a few minutes to listen to the video, I was able to summarize a three hour deposition in less than half the time it usually takes, and I am well on my way to completing preparation of cross-examination for this deponent. I am so glad to find a computer program that is easy to learn and delivers what it promised! This program has already paid for itself. Well done!"
Michael B. Price, Esq. / South San Francisco
...Your program now makes it possible to outline the deposition and simultaneously segregate the testimony into categories while keeping all of the page and line references...The program is well organized and user friendly. I think you've got a hot product here."
Thomas C. Tagliarini, Esq. / Oakland, CA
Any trial attorney needs this program. It saves so much time preparing for trial and is so easy to use."
Stephen Shaiken, Esq. / San Francisco, CA

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